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Create geographic flow maps representing numbers of movements between locations.

Visualize your own origin-destination data published in Google Sheets.

Explore the data interactively.

What is it for?

FlowmapBlue is used to visualize various real-world phenomena in which pairs of locations are involved:
Urban mobilityCommutersPedestrian movementBus travels Metro ridesTrain ridesAir travelsMarine trafficBicycle sharingScooter sharingCar ride sharing Taxi ridesInternal migrationInternational migrationRefugeesHuman trafficking Drug flows Freight transportation Material flowsTrade Bird migrations Livestock movements Plant migrationUrban infrastructureSewage flowsWaste managementSupply chain EpidemiologyHistorical journeys Scientific collaborations

Who is using it?

MTATflAecomEurocontrolElPasoHorrocks EngineersOpenDataZuerichUddGreaterAuckland

How to make a flow map?

Follow the steps described on this page.

Latest news

Sep 01, 2021

Open source

The source code of FlowmapBlue is freely available under the MIT license.

Make sure to include a proper attribution (URL of FlowmapBlue, the original author) if you use it in a different project.


Developed by Ilya Boyandin using flowmap.gl, deck.gl, mapbox, d3, blueprint, CARTOColors.

With kind support from

Supported by TeralyticsSupported by MapboxSupported by Urban Computing FoundationSupported by Linux Foundation


FlowmapBlue – Kantar Information is Beautiful Award